Compliance with Catermar’s (form now on “the company”) anticorruption policies, it’s obligatory for employees and suppliers of services and        goods.  These policies must be published in such a way that they are of common knowledge to all involved parties, that they are complied            with and observed at all times. Noncompliance or violation of the same will result in immediate termination of employment and / or immediate        termination of any commercial relationship. We invite our clients and customers to be part of this philosophy as we believe that transparency,      honesty and mutual respect are key values for quality services.


  • It is strictly prohibited to all of the companies’ personnel to solicit, accept or any way request money, gifts, or objects in exchange for negotiations, favors or any other benefit for an individual or individuals that are consider company employees including but not limited to company officers.


  • All of the companies’ personnel must observe good conduct while performing their activities, with due respect, diligence and fairness to their fellow workers, clients and suppliers alike.


  • All of the companies’ employees must perform their duties officially with honesty, loyalty and impartiality.


  • All of the companies’ employees must use all of the company resources at their disposal only while performing their assigned duties, and they must comply with confidentiality regulations concerning companies’ information.


  • No employee of the Company is allowed to reveal confidential information without due authorization from company officials.


  • All of the companies’ employees must safeguard documents at their disposal avoiding at all times misuse, removal from company installations or destruction of the same.


  • All negotiations on behalf of the Company by employees and/or the Company officers must be carried out with honesty and integrity complying at all times with professional ethics, legal regulations and any other stablished by the company.


  • All accounting, tax and legal records that belong to the company must be carried out in accordance to the latest laws, rules, and regulations governing México’s financial procedures in such a way that it can be easily demonstrated that the company of its full compliance of its obligations.


  • Company employees must refrain of any action or omission that may result as non-compliance of legal dispositions related to Catemar.


  • All of the Companies personnel while on company premises or clients installations must refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that has not being specifically prescribed by a licensed physician. In the specific case of medically prescribed psychotropic medicine the employee must inform their immediate supervisor to avoid undesired accidents or mishaps.


  • Company employees must comply with all of their contractual obligations avoiding at all times any kind of negotiation that may affect the interest of Catermar.


  • It is strictly forbidden to participate under the company’s name on any negotiation that may have personal interest, family interest or that may result in profit to family members, spouse, or siblings.


  • Company employees must perform their work without interest in additional personal benefits that may compromise the interest of Catermar.  


  • Company employees must refrain from selecting, naming, designating or contracting personnel or suppliers that may provide them personal benefit or compromise the interest of Catermar.


  • If any Company employee should become aware of conflict of interest real or potential or is found to be participating activities that may involve negotiations with suppliers, contractual transactions, or any other commercial or legal actions contrary to the company policy, the action must be reported to company officers in order to protect the interest of Catemar, its employees third parties and or commercial transactions.


  • It is of the utmost importance to understand the laws, rules, regulations, norms, and any other relevant contractual obligation that govern our activities; in some cases they may seem complex but to ignore them it’s not an excuse for no-compliance. If you have any doubts with regards to this company policy, please contact your superiors for immediate clarification.


  • The Company will not tolerate behavior such as extortion, corruption, bullying, violence, intimidation or discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicaps, civil status, or to make commentaries or jokes that may result hostile work environment.


  • Company expects its employees to show a high level of integrity, responsibility, and professional conduct while performing the assign duties and responsibilities. The company also expects to be honest to clients, suppliers and/or public officials.


  • Catermar de Mexico considers its employees the most important asset and this Company policy shall serve as the guideline for everyone involved to perform their duties in a safe, impartial and respectful environment.


  • Full compliance of these company policies will guarantee and maintain respect and confidence in the company from employees, clients, suppliers and public officials as well as from the community where Catermar de Mexico is stablished.


José Miguel Aparicio Ferrer

Director General

Industrial Catering and Hospitality

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